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I have so many follow up questionssss!!!!




1:38 is that guy is the guy fom middle school:worest years of my life?




2 me .... This shows u just what needs done to get your woman r get your man an how to keep them ..... The secert to finding your mate isn't hard it's keeping them with eyes on u is it ....

Another one of these movies... greaaaat.

I can actually totally picture Bella Thorne doing this in real life... Halston Sage is gorgeous btw. http://yaplog.jp/chidotaii/archive/4 I hate how during all this reveal, He refuses to face his part and he acts like it's actually all her fault. So immature. Literal mama's boy Is Blizzard really shipping MercyxTorbjörn? They seem awefully close in all old photos. stick with modellig bella Like a Lifetime movie but with the F-word and blow jobs. It's a guilty pleasure movie. Not amazing but you want to know what happens. You can lie and tell your friends you never watched it. ;)

Legit like the only reason I am watching this is because Nash is in it😂😍❤️ the movie is gonna be 🔥though I'm sure Here for Rhys Wakefield AND Halston Sage. Eff off with Bella Thorne. She was good mostly for Disney. And WHY TF is Nash Grier in this?!


hahahah awsome what an interesting cast! Love the music in this video anyone know it ? anna Kendrick and Lisa Kudrow in the same movie hell yeah!! REGINA PHALANGE

make a short for phara please my dad loves to play overwatch and he loves to play as phara


when anna got shot and it showed he lying on the floor i could just imagine airhorns

I've seen better trailers made by preteen fangirls :c She didn't get pregnant by herself man, jeez! nezubarai.therestaurant.jp/posts/5653610 Almost all of the hero is angry on widowmaker I love Anna Kendrick. I think she's super talented but her choice of movies leaves much to be desired. it's getting to the point where the majority of her movies are bad... I really hope she can turn things around because she's my favorite actress..

Loved this movie I thought its romantic,Why can't it just be romantic? But no it has to be physo. He who don’t want baby should cover up and be in control. You know...this is the ONLY time in any of the movies/books that I had the SLIGHTEST bit of respect for Ana's character. When she stood up to Christian about the pregnancy. Unlike Bella who basically almost killed herself to make a point to Edward, Ana told Christian EXACTLY how it was and she was willing to take responsibility whether he was or not..

i just saw this movie and lemme tell you, she did not end up with who i thought she was going to end up with.

issuu.com/beidertingpar/docs/hindi_subtitle_happy_new_year_colin. Dude get out https://thearf.org/forums/topic/ios-full-hd-half-brother/ :( This is so sad :((( whats with these british looking chicks phoebe....😍 Reminds me of jodi arias How I answer to the 'any personal achievements' question in job interviews... 'I have achieved puberty and am in a rock band'.

this looks... exhausting.


this is me favourite character

Lucio:dawn it

your like romeo and juliet and we wish you the same ending HAHAHAHAHA did he even watch that movie and its happy ending

This isn’t realistic at all if neither of them wanted the baby they would have aborted it lmao it they make a story mode it should be like mortal combat having different stories for all characters I watched this an unhealthy amount of times but idc at all Sia's song in the background is beautiful


Can’t wait to see the movie


Phoebe? Id be so angry if I told my man I was Pregnant and he reacted like that

The trailer and the movie are so different. I had no idea it would be so intense!

the first bgm is canon by the pianoguys? I did not have the question if i have to look Fifty Shades Freed . The more interesting i can find using boxxy software in Adult





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